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To succeed in today's highly competitive enviroment, students must be motivated with a sustained desire to excel. Along with this, they should be armed with a thorough understanding of the English language, the de-facto lingua france of the world. Realizing the immediate need for an instiution, which could fulfil both these requirments, a group of committed men took upon themselves to achieve this dream. The efforts and initiatives of this dedicated group culminated in the birth of North Point English Academy in 2000. The school is managed by Gour North English Academy, a registered society under West Bengal Societies registration Act. North Point English Academy obtained no objection certificate from school education Dept, Govt. of West Bengal vide memo No. 113/1(4)-SC (HS) dated 11th March, 2003. It's a great pleasure toannounce that the institution is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi, vide serial No. WB 225/2004 dated 22/06/2004.


We realize that the current and the future generations will belong to the knowledge seekers. To foster and harness this spirit, we intend to provide knowledge of a slightly different kind-knowledge which provokes our students to think, think laterally and without boundaries and subsequently relate that knowledge with everyday life. We strive to instill a unique ‘problem solving’ ability in all our students leading them towards a path of exploration, research and creation. We will leave no stone unturned to realize the true potential of each and every student.


We believe in equipping our students with strong faculty to think and reason in dependently. They will be expected to question everything and take nothing for granted. We do not believe in forcing our students to ‘cram and pass exams’. Adequate infrastructure like a well-stocked library, a computer center and a modern laboratory is provided in this pursuit of knowledge.


the school expects its students to be well behaved and disciplined even outside the school premises.

The students are expected to take adequate care of the school property. Any damage or destruction of the school property will entail stringent fines at the sole discretion of the school authority. Writing on the walls, blackboards plucking off flowers, uprooting of plants and trees are strictly forbidden.

The student must attend the school immaculately dressed in the prescribed uniform as mentioned in this brochure. In case of any violations, they will be barred from attending school.

Uniform requirements

For boys : cream shirt, coffee brown shorts (up to std. lv)coffee brown trousers (from std v to x), White socks, black laced shoes, school tie, school badge and belt.

For girls : coffee brown tunic, cream shirt, white ribbon, white socks, black & laced shoed, school tie, school badge, belt and coffee brown slacks (in winter). Common ; v _ neck brown colored half/ full sleeve pullovers and/ or brow colored blazer with school logo.

P.T. dress boys : white shorts, trousers, orange colored t - shirt (for student from nursery to std. ll) and house colour t _ shirt ( for students from std. lll to std. x)

P.T. dress girls : orange colored t _ shirt ( for student form nursery to std. ll ) and house colour t - shirt ( for students form std. lll to std. x ), whit dividing skirt, white ribbon.

Common : white pt. shoes, white cocks, school tie, school badge, belt and brown slacks (in winter)

Notes : the above mentioned items are to be purchased according to the sample supplied by the school.


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